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What should consumers pay attention to when choosing different types of children's cars?

2022-03-01 管理员 Read 529

Children bicycle


The suitable age range for children's bicycles is 4-8 years old. When choosing bicycles, the appropriate size should be selected according to the age and height of children, i.e. bicycles with saddle height ranging from 435 to 635 mm. The brake handle size of children's bicycle handbrake is also an important item. Its size should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the operation of the brake. When purchasing, you can take your child to have a try on the spot. You should make sure that the child can hold the brake easily and operate the brake conveniently. Children's bicycle chains (no matter what kind of chains are necessary) should be able to prevent children from easily touching the chains in order to prevent children from sticking their fingers into them. Children's bicycles should be equipped with auxiliary balance wheels to help children master balance in riding to play a protective role. Special attention should be paid to the strength of the balancing wheel bracket and the distance between the balancing wheel and the midline of the tire (which should be greater than 175mm).



Children tricycle


Children's tricycle is a product commonly used by preschool children. When choosing a tricycle, we should pay attention to the safety of small parts in the area between the handle and seat. Tricycles with auxiliary push rods should be carefully checked when purchasing. If it is found that the auxiliary push rods are not firmly installed or thin in material, it should be prudently purchased. The lowest pedal of a tricycle should not be less than 40 mm from the ground. Otherwise, children are easily injured by touching their feet during riding. In addition, the backrest of children's tricycles should be firmly installed, and the backrest can be pulled by hand, so it should not fall off.



Children carts


When purchasing children's carts, besides the solid structure of the whole cart, we should also pay attention to whether the locking mechanism and insurance device of the cart are complete and reliable. If only the locking mechanism has no safety device, once the locking mechanism fails, it may cause serious injuries to children. When purchasing, attention should also be paid to the appropriateness of the height of the wheelbarrow around the seat cushion, and the firmness and reliability of shoulder straps, waistbands, crotch belts, buckles and seat belts, so as to ensure that children do not accidentally fall out of the car due to the insecurity of seat belts and other devices. When using a cart, adults should try not to leave the cart in case of accidents.



Baby Walker


Baby Walker products are suitable for toddlers. Most of them adopt folding structure. When purchasing, we should pay attention to its folding and locking mechanism, which should be firm and reliable, and need two continuous actions to release the mechanism. When choosing and purchasing, the car body should be pressed with greater force on the spot, and the folding and collapse of the car body should not occur when pressing. The height of the pedestrian bicycle seat pocket should be appropriate, and the height of the bottom of the bicycle should be greater than 160 mm from the ground, so as to ensure that the foot and joint of the child in use will not be damaged by the long time bending of the leg. It should also be checked that the footwheels of the walking bicycle should be installed on a plane and rotated flexibly in use. You can choose a walker with auxiliary fixing device, which can prevent the walker from moving when needed, but you should pay attention to the footwheels of the walker should not be equipped with brakes, in order to prevent accidents in use. It is strictly forbidden to use in dangerous places such as uneven roads, slopes, stairways, bathrooms, kitchens and near electrical appliances.



Electric Children's Car